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Key Features

✔ Embeddable Help Center for your site using only Notion ✔ Full flexibility to host the Help Center on your domain, a sub domain or even within a path ✔ Best for Customer support, SaaS, Solopreneurs ✔ Alternative to GitBook, Intercom offers a seamless and rapid solution for creating an exceptional Help Center site using Notion as the CMS, tailored to your own domain. For Notion users, there is no need to learn new tools; simply continue using Notion for content creation and team collaboration. The setup is automated, eliminating the need to log in to repeatedly. Within minutes, an SEO-optimized Help Center site is generated on your domain, remaining synchronized with Notion's content. This embeddable Help Center provides full flexibility to be hosted on your domain, subdomain, or within a specific path, catering to customer support, SaaS, and solopreneurs. Integrating with Notion, Shopify, Webflow, Wix, and WordPress, the platform also supports customization of UI, color schemes, logos, and backlinks. Additionally, hosting the Help Center on a custom domain or path allows complete control and is advantageous for SEO purposes, with the platform being prebuilt to be Google-friendly.

Easy Knowledge Base from Your Notion Docs

{%description%} Lifetime Deal makes it super easy & fast to create an amazing Help Center site, on your own domain, using Notion as CMS for articles. Alternative to GitBook, Intercom.
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