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Key Features

✔ Create your own custom ChatGPT chatbots trained on your own unique data ✔ Build, customize, and deploy your AI agent effortlessly all with no coding ✔ Best for Marketing agencies, Small businesses, Web design agencies ✔ Alternative to Intercom, Drift is a platform that brings the power of AI to small and medium businesses, offering no-code voice and chatbot agents deployable through prompts on the LLM model. The platform includes QnA text chatbots, voice agents for inbound and outbound calls, and a custom voice orchestration infrastructure. Recent updates include the BYOK Addon and Voice Addon, as well as features like Human Handover for AI-human collaboration and integration with Google Calendar for phone appointments.'s AI Chatbot Agents are trained on knowledge bases and support voice queries, while AI Phone Agents use Twilio for calls and can directly book appointments in Google Calendar. The platform also features 2-Way Voice for seamless communication and engagement.

No-code platform for AI chatbot & phone agents

{%description%} (Lifetime Deal from Appsumo) is a no-code platform for building GPT-assisted phone & chatbot AI agents for business automation. Alternative to Intercom, Drift.
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